In October 2009, my sisters texted me about a contest to see which one of us can loose 20 pounds and keep it off till the end of the year. The three of us had to pitch in $50, weigh in December 31, 2009, loose 20 pounds, and winner takes the money. Well...New Years Eve came and none of us lost the 20 pounds or won the money.

Despite the outcome of the contest, I decided to join a local gym and to focus on becoming heart healthy, reduce stress, and improve quality of life. Plus, I have got to work on changing my bad eating habits.

Luckily, I have a restaurant. I have been enjoying our fish tacos. They are really good. I like putting our salsa and cheese on it. Ya, I know...cheese, not so heart healthy.

I also have been enjoying our Tortilla soup. The melted cheesy goodness (again with the cheese) with the crispy tortilla strips. Yummy!

I also love our Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast. It is so good. They only bad thing about it, I keep ordering it with the fried chicken breast - which is really good, too.

Let me know which one is your favorite. Enjoy and have a Healthy New Year. See you there.

My favorite when dieting is the chicken Caesar salad OR something with sweet potatoes.

BUT when i'm not dieting...its the burger with grilled onions & french fries mmmm

BTW- does O or E sell Girl Scout cookies? If so...I dont want any. I'm dieting ;)


You know what, I bet if mom was in this challenge she would have won! (Good thing we didn't invite her) LOL


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