My other two sisters like to Facebook and Twitter, I think blogging maybe a little more my speed. I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia to blog about anything and nothing at all. It is like talking to my children, I am saying something, but are they really listening?

I am not a twitterer and haven't figured out the whole Facebook thing, so I am going to be a blogger or is it blogster? If anyone is out there listening, let me know.

When the restaurant opened up, my kitchen at home closed down. It is far more easy eating at Tres Hermanas. I don't have to cook or mess up my kitchen.

During the Christmas holiday, I decided to cook Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon - like I said, I was inspired by Julie and Julia. It took me 2 hours just to prepare the dish. I don't think Julia or even Julie had to deal with kids fussing about the batteries dying in the WII remotes, my mother calling looking for stuff I don't have, and the smoke alarm going off - hadn't used my stove burners in a while.

The Beef Bourguignon tasted wonderful, but it sure took a long time to make Beef Stew.

I think eating a Tres Hermanas is easier - See you there.

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